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Human rights and African customary law under the South African Constitution. South Africans suffered high casualties, especially inwhen an independent group of Khoikhoi — known as the Bondelswart- Herero for the black bands that they wore into battle — led one of numerous revolts; inwhen a mixed-race population — the Basters — demanded cultural autonomy and political independence; and inwhen the Ovambo Ambo population along the border with Angola demanded an end to South African domination.

Is considered a more playful sounding name.

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This cumulative index is updated annually. Search under South Africa in the Worldlii catalogue.

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Also a famous line by South African comedian Barry Hilton. Milne, Alexander et al. Used when frustrated about spending all your hard-earned money on family, or friends, and having none left for yourself.

Greeting "Aweh, my bru. In two new infantry units were established: Usually used to refer to a person who is often in a very bad mood. Saturday afternoon after Ek wens hy kry 'n kramp!

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Pre-war plans did not anticipate that the army would fight outside southern Africa and it was trained and equipped only for bush warfare. The original English usage of the term "Tuck shop" stays intact. Interestingly, section 4 specifies that a self-executing provision of an international agreement is applicable without transformation or incorporation, if it is approved by parliament and consistent with the Constitution.

Butterworths publishes selected acts as part of its Butterworths Legislation Service. The 11th Armoured Brigade was itself disbanded on 1 October The official website of the Parliament of South Africa provides full text of acts passed from onwards, and the full text of bills since Is an informal reference to a person's feet "voete" in Afrikaans directly relating the condition and size of the feet to that of an animal's paws.

Also refers to the woodpecker-style birds used in some cuckoo clocks. The site includes the full text of legislation: Though it is similar to a stew, the main differences are: Both at first were a bit hesitant but as the chord was struck the evening seemed less.

Additional useful features include: Koeksister — A sweet pastry that's been fried and dipped in a honey syrup, and shaped in the form of a French-braid. There are plenty of South African dating sites just for you! Is sometimes used to jokingly compare cars that are just as difficult to drive as an actual truck.

Inthe new Minister of Defence, Frans Erasmusaimed ' to level the playing-fields' within the Union Defence Force, which was strongly British-oriented in usages, structures, uniforms and nomenclature.

What about Sporadic E? Sie-sah — expression of goodness, or of disgust, depending on context. Du Plessis, Lourens M. During the war, the army was led by General Smuts, who had rejoined the army from his position as Minister of Defence on the outbreak of the war.

The "sis" refers to the sound it makes when fried in oil. RaDAR operators are encouraged to be self-sufficient during each challenge, with not only power supply and communications equipment but food, water, protective clothing and shelter. Used at the end of a sentence, as in " Juta and Butterworths products: The word has become international with the meaning of "making a pioneering journey"; the slang usage more closely resembles the standard Afrikaans meaning.

For the best experience, consider signing up for more than one! It also jokingly refers to a car that turns far to wide i.

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Instead, half of the white males aged from 17 to 25 were drafted by lots into the ACF. Call sign, name, RS T report and grid locator. This translates well into British English as "Shut your gob.Afrikanerisms.

This list of "Afrikanerisms" comprises slang words and phrases influenced by Afrikaans and other African languages. Typical users include people with Afrikaans as their first language but who speak English as a second language and people living in.

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