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August is vivid bright cadmium yellow. Okay, this description probably is very confusing to other synesthates, like yours are to me all the years get jumbled together—that is, yours and mine.

However Drake chatroulette fake can be more detailed on the picture of present than the years before that. I see time in a reverse clock with Dec beginning at They are all ovals of sorts well, a day is more round. But if I want to think about December, I can turn around physically, or I can just imagine and I will be looking back.

We can also identify the color of some scents, like perfume and stuff like that… Fay Lovecraft i can sense the colors of music. Charles decorates Gianna's face in a sperm facial. When talking about years, for example, etc, it would form another graph. Sheila I recently discovered that the way i perceive things is a condition that is shared by many.

But if you would make it specific January 20then I can only see a drawing for the whole century ofthe centuries prior to and after that would vanish on my picture. Charles caresses her tan, long legs.

So the first horizontal line at the bottom is then above it is another horizontal line for then the very top is If we are talking April, then January is on my right, if July, then january is far on my front, if october,then January is on my right. Indeed i have a very good memory of events in my life and faces.

As soon as I saw the image on this article I felt elated! For k to 1Million is like the lines again on your paper. We are both musicians and see tones and movements in colors and shapes.

I always thought of it like being on a chess board. Bass staccatos are maroons and gray with triangular sharp shapes and some elongated pointed edges.

The floating ribbon shown in this article is, nevertheless; somewhat representative of what we see, excluding the color chart.

I see a day as a rectangle from left to right. More odd thing is even when the music isa happy and lively music, it can make me feel sad. For example 1stth day of the month is a vertical line, then at the top of that vertical line will join a horizontal line going to the right for the 11thth day then in the right end of that horizontal line will join another vertical line for the 21stth day.

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July at the bottom. So right now it is May, and so I look down toward June and July which is sort of accross as well as down.

Their diabolical tryst features crude, dirty talk and an intense, deep-throat blowjob. I move in the center as I need to. All these time, I thought its present to everyone.

Sometimes I am inside the right soemtimes outside of it. I also have a shape for the week and the day. But, up to 1, are just like horizontal lines above one another.

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Now we know that they are the unfortunate ones in lieu of us. Anon Yep, this is how I see time, too, except the ring goes counterclockwise and is stationary. Ours is more vivid and covers more of the color spectrum.

Gianna attempts to deny any wrongdoing before realizing that Charles is seriously distressed, and he's not letting her off the hook.

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The rest of us have to take drugs just to get to this level: I also have a certain pattern for days of the week and numbers and the alphabet.

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